Monday, January 7, 2008

Jomar Hilario's Wedding is on March 1,2008

Jomar's Wedding to Clarisse Conanan (Ailen Conanan and Olivia Conanan's youngest sister) wil l be on March 1,2007. After 8 years. Finally, they say.

Who in the BCGC will be there?
Kim Pamplona (Yes, still single)
Divine Tagle-Reyes
Michelle Ocampo
Michelle Jarmin and Husband
(Who else, let's see)
Bebeth Malixi (Elizabeth) says she'll be out of the country.

Jomar's Websites:

Of course you're curious what Clarisse looks like, it's all here:

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Roselle's Page, Lei's Wedding

Roselle's Multiply Page -- with Grace Villaflor, Lei Del Rosario, Jomar Hilario at Lei's Wedding last Weekend.

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